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    Art 911
    This program brings free-of-charge therapeutic art activities to the bedside of hospitalized individuals. The patient selects from multiple options, depending upon personal interests and physical range of motions.

    Art Instruction
    This program offers small group instructional art classes to the public with portfolio development for those who plan to pursue art as a career. Painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, crafts, cartooning, printmaking, mosaics, textiles, and photography are taught by experienced art educators. Because of the strengthening and life-enhancing benefits of art, scholarship opportunities are available for students experiencing loss, health issues or similar special needs.

    Creative Journeys
    This program provides creativity enhancement workshops for the purpose of helping individuals clarify thinking, sharpen perception, and expand imagination. Participants have reported unblocked creativity, more joy, and more confidence in their ability to approach problems in unconventional ways.

    Healing arts workshops are offered for
    individuals who are coping with illness, disability, loss, or trauma, who would not otherwise have access to these services.  Facilitated by an expressive arts therapist and licensed professional counselor, these programs are brought into mental health care facilities, medical treatment centers, senior activity centers, residential facilities, and community centers.

    Individual and Group Counseling
    This program provides affordable mental health care services for the school-aged child. The objective of counseling is to provide support in dealing with problems so that individuals may come to understand how they perceive and react to their circumstances and work out healthier ways of responding. Many persons think of counseling as an advice-giving service but it also involves a process of self-exploration so that the individual may be helped to discover underlying thoughts and feelings. As an individual comes to a clearer self-understanding, he or she is able to communicate more effectively and utilize personal strengths to resolve difficulties and fulfill potential. The Atelier 7 National Board Certified and Licensed Professional Counselors ask discerning questions and listen "between the lines." Play therapy and expressive arts therapy help non-verbal children communicate those things which cannot be put into words.

    We specialize in helping children overcome peer problems, anxiety, learning difficulties, grief, illness, and behavior problems.  Our program works with the child and parent to clarify insight, teach effective life skills, and facilitate the pathway to well-being. Request fee schedule and insurance information through the Contact Us button.

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